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Let’s understand how to select the best web host.

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Guest post by Vishesh Gupta – Hosting reviewer

Selecting a Web Host for your site is a major decision since it is an essential foundation for ensuring your company is successful. You will vastly increase your website efficiency and enhance this with the correct web host. Wrongly pick so you’ll end up creating all sorts of headaches or unexpected costs.

Choosing the right web hosting provider is central to the website’s ultimate performance. According to a study by cheapandbesthosting.com, If you choose an unreliable host, the site would always trouble you with some or the other error making it difficult for visitors to go through.

To Help you, In this post, we will discuss 10 key parameters to consider before choosing a web host service for your business.

  • Choose a Renowned Brand – Host with a trusted company.

As all shared hosting is inexpensive and simple to manage, it is the ideal option for new or small sites. Plus, they free you of thinking about backend problems, like maintenance and upkeep, or let you concentrate on creating your site.

  • Evaluate the needs of resources

If you will Google, it will inform you that there are lots of web host services out there. However, you need to understand the requirements of your blog and company. Features like backup, SSL, Framework etc are important things to decide. Hence this step is finding the best web host which meets the requirements with the website. Always prefer to check coupons and deals on hosting first before buying a one.

  • Loading speed

If you already know a bit about SEO, you realize how Google will still give preference to pages which load quicker, always with the goal of providing the best experience for the user. So, test unless the website hosting company you employ provides a reasonable loading pace. It’s worth noting that it might sound like a trivial difference in principle, but in reality, that’s the distinction between a customer who is aggressively enjoying your content or getting irritated by the wait and leaving your website.

  • Storage space

Based on the intent of your website, you may need a bit of small storage space and for files, you attach to it. Irrespective of the situation, it is often suggested that you contract a provider that best meets your needs. If you’d like a huge amount of space, ensure the website hosting company provides the amount you have to keep from runs out of memory.

Or, if you’d like a limited number, look for affordable plans or save money which you will spend for unused space. However, if your provider has infinite disc space, you can relax with that aspect and skip to the next tip!

  • Customer Service:

As the novice web host, you are sure to reach a brick wall, particularly in the early times of handling the webserver. Getting access to a strong response, a professional or well – trained customer service staff is therefore of prime importance. It is recommended that you look for a company that offers 24/7 customer support, and that, too, is of excellent quality.

Well said, a lot of businesses promote 24/7 service, but the agents take several hours (but sometimes days) and get back to you with a message. A reliable way to weed out companies who are unable to hold their word is to check for any consumer feedback and testimonials available on the internet. Finally, ensure that technical assistance is delivered across various networks, e.g. online chat, email, landline, and so on.

  • Data security

Trusting others to host your website & posts is not an easy task. You must also ensure that the preferred supplier is capable of protecting its customers fully by providing an information continuity scheme or regular backups. In this way, also with any normal or unexpected issues, the site will still be live and completely operational. Always check the reviews of web hosting before buying it.

  • Traffic on your site

You may not be aware of this, but certain web hosting providers have a monthly traffic cap. In fact, this means, and after a certain period of access, the provider can charge an extra charge for “extra visits” and avoid showing the website on the network. Therefore, please pay attention to the details offered by organizations or ensure that you choose those with unrestricted data access so as not to take the risk of your site going down. It is one of important parameter among the 10 key parameters to consider before choosing a web host.

  • Competitive Advantage/Features Offered:

This section deals with the concept of the collection of characteristics or the strategic edge that a selected business has for its counterparts. Most internet providers offer ample disc capacity and secure network connectivity, but only a few provide extra capabilities that can be used later.

This one function is an email service that helps you to established email addresses with your domain name. Drag-or – drop web designer is yet another amazing option offered by some of the best hosting providers. Such easy-to-use apps help you to develop and construct your own website without the need to employ a skilled specialist. Other functions include having links to website resources such as Joomla, Moodle, shopping carts, WordPress, Drupal, respectively. Few businesses also provide you with easy access to e-commerce platforms such as OpenCart or Magento, etc.

  • Tech Support

That’s the major one of other people’s minds. When my site goes down for some unexplained cause, can I call up and get an actual, live person on a phone? And, more now, will they figure out what’s incorrect or correct it, and at least inform me what I have to do to get my website back up and running?

Until going for a host, check at their credibility for customer service. See all sorts of different forms you can get in touch with them anytime you need support — email, toll-free, speak, and so on. Is it operating 24/7? Can they have outsourced support?

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the sum of data which can be transmitted from the cloud to the end customer. This should not be confused only with the speed of your internet link, which is how quickly data is being transmitted to your computer from across the world. Through your web hosting service contract, you need an appropriate bandwidth allocation. Otherwise, the information on your server will not be moved and no one will be able to access your website.


Thus these are few of the 10 key parameters to consider before choosing a web host. By taking care of these parameters one can reach to a justified answer.

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