A domain name is one of the most key features when it comes to establishing a website for your business. It will be your identity in the web world. In a way your domain name should help people find all details necessary about your business. You should select one very carefully, especially if it is for commercial purpose. Now here are some tips that will help you look for the perfect domain name that will be easy to find and promote:

1. Should be short Make sure you keep the name as short as possible. If the name is long or complex, people are highly likely to misspell it. Keep it very simple.

2. Preferably use .Com There are many TLDs available, but .com is very popular, people assume it by default. As per survey, about 49% of websites use .Com. No matter how tempting it sounds to your ears, .com is the way to go.

3. Keywords Use keywords that describe your business very well. It will make it easier for people to reach you who are not exactly looking for you, but are in need of similar services. For example, if you own a fresh vegetables delivery website, you can use VegetableDelivery.com. It will also improve your rank on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

4. Make it easy to type Make sure your domain name does not have a complicated name or spelling, which might risk mistakes while typing. Also, avoid using short forms or slangs as it will make it difficult for customers to find your website.

5. Avoid using numbers or symbols Use of numbers or symbols often confuses people while typing it. Like, should they type the number or spelling. They also might forget to add symbols.

6. Target Location You can use the name of the city or town in which your business is located in, in your domain name. For example, BurgerJointMumbai.com, will make it easier for local customer to remember as well as find online.

7. Pick something catchy Choose a name that can be remembered easily. Discuss with your friends and colleagues and make sure it is catchy and appealing.

8. Copyright issues Research your domain name well and pick one that is not already trademarked or copyrighted. It is actually a legal offence and can get you into some expensive trouble.

9. Protect your brand Register your domain name and various other misspelled version. This prevents confusion in the customers and directs the customers to your website incase they make a typing mistake.

10. Register ASAP Domain names sell off very quickly. They are not expensive but if you must buy it from a second owner, it can be. Also, make sure you register multiple other names so that it can be redirected to your original website in case of spelling mistake.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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