Hello everyone! Today at Hostrik I am going to be writing about five things you should know about web hosting.

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Web hosting can be a confusing topic at times which is why I want to help clear any confusion for you! These five things you should know about web hosting will help clear up any confusion regarding web hosting.

#1:Web Hosting Pricing

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Plan Pricing is the most important thing you should know about web hosting. As a website owner, you need to evaluate what type of web hosting you need.

For example, cheaper priced web hosting plans can sometimes be unreliable and offer less customer support. However cheaper priced web hosting plans allow you to spend your budget in other categories like advertising your new website.

On the other hand, more expensive web hosting plans will offer reliable service even during outages and will provide five-star customer support. But if you opt for a more expensive web hosting plan you may have less money to spend on advertising which is crucial for a website.

More expensive web hosting plans have staff that is experts in web hosting so managing your website will be stress-free.

#2: Features Of Web Hosting Plans

Not all web hosting plans are created equal. With that being said evaluating the features offered by web hosting companies is a major factor in choosing a web hosting platform. Hostrik, for instance, offers top of the line security features for your website such as a private dedicated firewall.

Evaluating features like the ones listed above is one of the most important things you should know about web hosting. Features vary from web hosting company to web hosting company with some features better than others.

It’s all about being a smart shopper. Everyone knows the terrible feeling of getting ripped off when paying for a service with your hard-earned money which is why it is crucial for you to be educated about web hosting.

With so many options you may be wondering which web host should I choose? One of the things you should consider about a web hosting platform is what features does this hosting platform provides?

If the web hosting platform you are considering has a lot of features in their plans like Hostrik consider pulling the trigger on a plan. Choosing a web hosting plan is the 1st step for a successful website.

#3: Security Of Web Hosting Platform

Another one of the things you should know about web hosting is how secure your web hosting platform is.

As I mentioned before Hostrik includes superb security features such as a private dedicated firewall. Other web hosting platforms may not offer such a level of security.

This is your website we are talking about. You put your, heart and soul into your website. The last thing you want is for your website to be compromised.

While this doesn’t happen too often there are instances where your website can be comprised and all your work lost forever. Nobody wants that to happen to them.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a web hosting platform with top of the line security. If you feel a web hosting platform is not keeping your website secure it’s for the best you choose a different web hosting platform.


#4: Customer Support For Web Hosting

Customer Support

Another one of the things you should know about web hosting is the importance of customer support. Your web hosting platform should have easy to access live customer support for your website in case you need help with your website.

If for some reason your website is not working properly or your website is not online your 1st action will be to contact customer support of your web hosting platform.

The most frustrating thing anyone could go through is experiencing bad customer support from your web hosting provider.

This is your website we are talking about if your web hosting provider doesn’t honor the importance of your website there is no reason why you should continue hosting your website with that provider.

#5: The Importance Of Speed in Web Hosting

High Speed web Hosting

Last but not least on the five things you should know about web hosting is the speed of a web hosting platform. If you have a slow website your website’s bounce rate will be extremely high.

Why would your consumer wait for your slow website when a similar website that offers the same services as you load much faster.

Speed is an important measure in web hosting that simply cannot be overlooked. This brings me back to features the features of your plan are crucial to how successful your website is going to be.


Final Words

Today at Hostrik I Noah Heredia owner of Legit Affiliate (https://legit-affiliate.com/) wrote about The Five Things You Should Know About Web Hosting. Hostrik offers great web hosting plans for you to choose from and I would recommend their services. I would like to thank you for reading this post and I would like to thank Hostrik for allowing me to guest post for them on their blog. Thanks for reading!

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