Who is better? Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

Once you’re ready to launch your website – the domain is picked out,
you have the target audience, location, products, and services picked out,
now comes the difficult part,
launching the website!

You will be barraged with a lot of technical and unfamiliar terms.
When it comes to shared and dedicated hosting, you must consider your
limitations, finances, and hosting?

Shared & dedicated hosting generally serve the same purpose, but there
is a significant difference. To choose the perfect option for your
website is up to your proper understanding of the differences
by looking out for some factors that will help you come to a

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a service provider that hosts pages for multiple website
pages, they all have their own internet domain names and are from a single server.
Therefore, there are many different sites hosted on the same


1. It is the most economical option. As multiple websites are being
hosted, the cost is shared. It is the best approach if you are on a

2. You do not need any technical skills. Issues like security and maintenance are managed by
your host provider, hence it is not responsible. It is an easier option for
people who are not tech-savvy.


1. There is a limited amount of bandwidth as you are sharing your host. Even
if you are on an unlimited plan, you have a limited amount of bandwidth. If you
have a massive amount of traffic your way, your site might experience network
down or other problems.

2. Though there are a lot of reputable web hosts who work a lot on
their security, it is a fact that when you’re on a shared platform, the
security is at minimal threat. There are others on the same plan, hence you are
under the threat of cyber-attacks. These instances are quite rare though.

What is dedicated hosting?

Opposite to shared hosting, dedicated hosting is related to the use of
a server or software which hosts only one website. This server is
generally located in the company premises.


1. they provide the best performance and control as they have a
dedicated server for a single website. If you have a massive amount of traffic
on your website, dedicated hosting is the best option.

2. The page will load faster and give the
best search results. As most people get frustrated if the page
doesn’t load, and leaves the website, it is important to keep your website

3. you reduce the threat of cyber-attacks as there is a
single website on a server. You can also implement additional security
measures when it comes to preventive control.  It makes your server and
website less vulnerable.

4. Helps you add new features and applications instead of limiting your
reach to the default options of the host. It is very flexible and has an
ability to customize settings.


1. The increased cost is the biggest drawback. There is no option for it.
As there is a single website on a single server, the operating costs
are obviously very high. The average cost can go up to $80 to $120 per month.
Small companies cannot afford dedicated hosting as they are on a finite

2. You require a good amount of technical skills. If you don’t
have them, you might be in trouble. You will need to have the knowledge of
managing servers, performing daily administrative tasks and ensure optimal
functioning. If you don’t have them, you will constantly be dealing with tech

3. Security is a concern too. Since you are responsible for your own
security maintenance, you have to make the necessary updates for your
security. If you’re Not that savvy, you might compromise the safety of your own

Let’s hope all these points help you make the right decision for choosing a
website host!

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