#1 Reason why SSL Certificate important for websites?

SSL Certificate stands For Secure Sockets Layer, is the full form of SSL



Internet is no stranger to cyber risks security threat as it grows as a medium of commerce, interaction and communication. But not to worry, the one way of effectively protecting your domain is SSL certification.



Working of SSL Certificate



Secure Socket Layer is a certificate in form of a protocol that can be installed in any website domain to improve and secure your website. It is installed to the hosting server and encrypted communications. These certificates also provide validation and vetting to your organization, to provide the highest level of trust to your website visitors.



To use SSL, you need a website with a hosted domain. This domain will give you a special key known as CSR or Certificate Signing Request, this will integrate with the SSL certificate to check the correct domain and usage. This certificate is to be installed with the hosting server and it automatically updates and secures the associated website domain.



Identifying SSL



You can identify a secure SSL certified domain easily. Looking at it from a technical perspective, SSL changes the regular HTTP protocol to a more secure HTTPS and it modifies the default port for communications. Also, to identify it as s secure domain, a padlock icon is displayed with the secured URL on most browsers. Mostly, the highest level of SSL turns the URL field green in the browsers.



Securing Domains



SSL certification is provided by organization called Certificate Authorities or CAs, they are also referred to as Signing Authorities. They are generally popularly known digital security experts who are working towards constantly improving their services.



SSL is generally used by websites that use e commerce services particularly the ones that use secure information like debit and credit card details. As you have wondered, SSL is still optional for the smaller or personal websites. If you still wish to secure your domain, you can use the introductory levels that ideal for your basic needs.



Types of SSL Certificate:



1. Alpha SSL



It is the most basic level of encryption and the most standard configuration options; Alpha SSL is ideal for smaller and personal websites that do not use e-commerce.



2. Domain SSL



It is a more complex configuration. It is ideal for small to medium businesses or organizations that do not use complex security needs other than basic e-commerce.



3. Organizational SSL



It is the most advanced selection of configuration options. It is perfect for medium-to-large businesses or organizations with a more complex security needs, customer accounts or sensitive information.



4. Extended SSL



It is the highest level of security, encryption, and insurance. It is ideal for high-security businesses and organizations with highly sensitive personal or financial information.



Adding SSL to Your Domain



Securing your domain is very easy with SSL, and a great accomplishment in terms of risk management and customer confidence. Choose your SSL wisely!



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