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  • Domain validation.
  • SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption.
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  • ₹24,549 billed every 12 months.
  • Domain validation
  • SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption.
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Features of SSL Certificate

Designed for Advanced Security

Customer Assurance

With SSL Certificate offered by Hostrik, you get the trust of all the customers landing on your website. This ensures that their personal data is well-guarded and protected.


Extreme Security

Get up to 256-bit encryption. Enhance the security of your website for your business and for your customers. Secure end to end encryption protection.

Increased SEO Ranking By SSL

Increased SEO Ranking

With SSL Certificate you also win the trust of Google Bot which in turn helps your website rank better in the Google search Engine, in turn, helping SEO rankings of the website.

HTTPS Secure Shield

A Faster & Secure Way to Confidentiality

With Hostrik SSL Certificate, you can ensure the protection of your website. No matter if you are on Computer, smartphone, or tablet, our SSL certificate will let you surf safely, and for that, all you need to do is download and install.

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What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which one single host serves as a host to multiple sites. It is generally preferred by many because of its low cost as many users utilize the same resource. Each user gets a part of the server in which they can host their website files and formats.

Can I select monthly or yearly plans?

Yes, You can select a Monthly or Yearly Plan. We provide a Yearly Plan at a very affordable price. Monthly Plan is also available with us because we know our price and services both are best. So our client will not go for any other service providers. We also provide big discounts and offers time to time for our clients and for first-time buyers also.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to other Shared Hosting Plans?

Yes of course,
After purchasing one Shared Hosting Plan, after some days if you realized that your Hosting requirements have changed and now it’s time to change the Shared Hosting Plan then you can obviously switch to the other plan.

How long does it take to set up the web hosting account?

Your Web Hosting Account will set up instantly as soon as you purchase Web Hosting from us. After the completion of set up, you will receive your Account Information email.

Do you provide a free SSL Certificate with your plan?

Yes, we absolutely provide the free SSL certificate with our every plan. SSL provides security for those users who provide their personal information with you.

Can I install apps on my hosting platform?

We have included Softaculous Installer, with the help of which you can easily install around 300 apps through your Hosting Account in a just a single click.