2 easy ways to install clippercms.

What is clippercms

Clippercms is a flexible open-source content management system. It is built on PHP and MySQL. Clippercms is under a GPL license, anyone can use it for their website or personal website. Here is the guide to install clippercms using a softaculous app installer or manual installation.

Uses of clippercms

  • Personal blogs
  • Websites
  • Business website
  • Complex applications

System requirements to install clippercms

  • PHP
    • Version 7.3 or above
  • Database
    • MySQL 5.5
  • Webserver
    • Apache

Features of clippercms

For developers

Using clippercms you can build any website easily.

Content editors

Content editing with the clippercms is very easy


The templates of HTML/CSS are already in the clippercms.

How to install clippercms

For installation of Clippercms, there are 2 methods available you can use one of them for the installation of clippercms

  • install clippercms using softaculous app installer
  • manually install clippercms 

install clippercms using softaculous app installer

You can use a softaculous app installer to install Clippercms on your hosting, for installation of Clippercms you  have to follow the following steps

Step1: login to your hostrik Cpanel account and go to the software section and click on the softaculous app installer. installation window of Clippercms will open.

softaculous app installer

Step2: in the softaculous app installer type Clippercms in the search box and press enter. The installation window of Clippercms will open on that click on install.

install clippercms using softaculous app installer

Step3: In the next window, select your website’s protocol (HTTP:// or HTTPS://) and then select the domain you want to install the site on. And the directory where the site going to install.

software setup of clippercms

Step4: in the admin, account setup creates the admin account by giving the admin username password and email.

admin account setting of clippercms

Step5: give the language of your site in the choose language section.

choose language of clippercms

Step6:  In the advance, section selects the database name and also select the backup option for the database then click on install.

install clippercms

manually install clippercms 

For manual installation of Clippercms, you have to follow the steps, the steps are divided into 3 parts

  • File configuration 
  • Database creation
  • Clippercms configuration

File configuration 

Step1: go to the official website of the Clippercms and from the download, section download the latest version of the Clippercms. or download code from GitHub.

Step2: login to your Cpanel account and in file manager upload the file in the public_html folder of the domain you’re going to install the Clippercms

Step3:  after upload extract the file in that folder itself.

Database creation 

Step1: in your hostrik Cpanel account go to the database section and click on MySQL database.

Step2: create the database here by giving the name to the database and click on create database.

create new database

Step3: After creating a database add a user to it for that in add user section give the username and password of the user and click on create a user.

creat user to database

Step4: After creating the user give them all privileges by clicking all privileges. 

database privileges

Clippercms configuration

Step1: go o the URL you are going to install clippercms, choose the language for installation of clippercms.

choose language to install clippercms

Step2: in this step select the mode for installation.
choose installation mode of clippercms

Step3: In the next step give the username and password for the database and click on test database server connection, and view the collation.

database information of clippercms

Step4: in the next step, give the database’s name and click on create or test a selection of your database.

database name for clippercms

Step5: in this step give the information about the admin, give username password, and email of the admin.

admin manager setting of clippercms

Step6: in this step, it will check all the system requirements then click on I agree with the license agreement and click on next.

pre installation validation and license agreement

Step7: In the next step select the time zone and click on install.

optional items to install clippercms

Step8: In the next step you will see installation is completed, click on close to log into your dashboard.

installation of clippercms is completed

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