2 methods to install sofawiki easily

What is sofawiki

Sofawiki is built on PHP, which is file-based cms. The sofawiki is the same as the MediaWiki. But the only difference between sofawiki and MediaWiki is MediaWiki uses MySQL but sofawiki does not use MySQL. Which makes it extremely portable. Here is the guide about how to install Sofawiki.

Uses of sofawiki

  • Nonprofits organization
  • Family website

System requirements to install sofawiki

  • PHP
    • Version 5.4 works
    • Recommended 7.4

Features of sofawiki

  • Multilanguage content by default
  • Custom design
  • Extensible
  • Complete version control

How to install sofawiki

For the installation of sofawiki, you have 2 methods to install sofawiki 

  • Install sofawiki using softaculous app installer
  • Install sofawiki manually

Install sofawiki using softaculous app installer

For installation of sofawiki using a softaculous app installer, you have to follow the following steps

Step1: login to the hostrik Cpanel account, and in the software section click on softaculous app installer.

softaculous app installer

Step2: in the softaculous window search the sofawiki in the search box, the installation window of sofawiki will open, click on install.

installl sofawiki usinf softaculous app installer

Step3: In the next window select the version of sofawiki you want to install and then select the protocol (HTTP:// or HTTPS://)  and select the domain and directory of the sofawiki.

software setup of sofawiki

Step4:  In the next step give the name to the site. 

site settings of sofawiki

Step5: in this step create the admin account of the site by giving a username and password.

admin account setting of sofawii

Step6: click on install sofawiki.

install sofawiki

Install sofawiki manually

In the manual installation, you have to follow some steps the steps are divided into 3 parts 

  1. File configuration
  2. sofawiki configuration

File configuration

Step1: go to the official site of sofawiki and from the download, section downloads the latest version of the sofawiki.

download sofawiki

Step2: login to your hostrik Cpanel account and upload the downloaded file in the public_html folder and extract it where you want to install the sofawiki.

Sofawiki configuration

Step1: go to the URL you are going to install sofa-wiki, they will ask you to install source code in the main file, click on the download.

download sourcecode in folder

Step2: decompress the file you downloaded, by clicking on decompress.

decompress the sorcecode file

Step3: At the bottom of the page you will see the install button click on that, it will redirect to the next page.

Step4: On the next page click on configure website. 

configure sofawiki website

Step5: give details about your website, name of the website, admin username, and password.

give details about sofawiki

Step6: login to your website.

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