How to use ip blocker to block ip addresses

IP Blocker

IP blocker allows you to block access to your site for one or more IP addresses or fully qualified domain names. To access the IP blocker login to Cpanel and go to the security section you will get an IP blocker.


ip blocker

Block an IP address

To block access to your site for specific IP addresses or IP address range, follow the following steps


Block an IP address

Step1:  add the IP address or range of IP addresses you want to block from accessing your site 

               You can specify denied IP addresses in the following formats

               Single IP Address (

               Range (

               Implied Range (

               CIDR Format (

               Implies 192.*.*.* (192.)

Step2: click add


Currently-Blocked IP Addresses

The system separates the IP address ranges that you enter into subnets in CIDR format. Then this address is added to .htaccess by the system. The currently blocked IP address contains the following elements.


Currently-Blocked IP Addresses

Server Setting: the server setting represents the CIDR-formatted IP addresses.

Beginning IP: the beginning IP represents the beginning of the IP address range.

Ending IP: the ending IP represents the engine of the IP address range.


Unblock an IP address

To unblock the IP addresses that you are  blocked perform the following steps

Step1: click the delete button which is in front of the IP address you want to delete. the new window will open.

Step2:click the remove IP button. The IP address will be removed.

May 22, 2021
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