PHP QR code? its 2 easy installation process

What is PHP QR Code

PHP QR code is a simple QR code generator used for generating QR codes, it generates QR codes in images format like PNG, JPEG. This QR based on PHP. here is how can you implement a QR code generator using this. 

Uses of PHP QR Code 

  • Website URL
  • Telephone
  • Email address 
  • Contact cards 

Features of PHP QR Code

  • Exports in PNG and JPEG
  • Easy configuration
  • Support QR code version 1-40
  • Cache for speed-up

Installation of PHP QR code

For the installation of Textpattern, there are two methods you can use from anyone from them to install it. The methods are as follows 

  • Installation using softaculous app installer 
  • Manual installation 

Installation using softaculous app installer 

Softaculous is the method using that you can install any app with just one click, here how you can install it using a softaculous app installer.

Step1: login to your hostrik Cpanel account, go to the software section and click on the softaculous app installer. Ne window of the softaculous app installer will open.

softaculous app installer

Step2: Type PHP QR code on the search box of the softaculous and press enter, installation window of PHP QR code will open, click on install.

intall php qr code using softaculous app installer

Step3: in that interface, you will see 2 parts 

Step4: Choose the protocol of the website (HTTP:// or HTTPS://) for your blog. then Choose the domain you want to install a QR code generator.

Step7: In the advanced option select the database and backup for your blog if you want otherwise-click install. 

install php qr code

Manual installation 

For manual installation of QR code generator, you have to follow some steps, the steps are divided into 3 parts.

  • File configuration
  • Site configuration

Setting up file

To set the drupal files perform the following steps

Step1: go to the official website of PHP QR code download the version of drupal you want in the ZIP format.

download php qr code

Step2: login to Cpanel of your hosting, go to file manager,

Step3: paste the file you downloaded in the public_html directory of your domain,

Extract that file.

Site configuration

Step1: go to the URL you have installed the QR code, and then start creating QR codes.

php qr code

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