How to Configure Hotlink Protection in cPanel

What is Hotlink Protection?

Hotlinking prevents another website from directly linking to files and pictures on your website. Other sites will only be able to link to file types that you don’t specify. 

An example of hotlinking

This means I am using your bandwidth for the image.

Hotlink Protection On cPanel Interface

Hotlink, also known as inline linking, is when another website links a directory to files that are hosted on your website.


There are two types –

  1. Enable hotlink protection 
  2. Disable hotlink protection 


To Enable


Enable Hotlink Protection

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Under the security section, click on hotlink protection
  3. Open hotlink protection Configure interface

  • URLs to allow access – Enter those URLs here, whom you want to grant permission to directly access your website files.
  • Block direct access for the following extension [comma-separated] – Enter those file extensions here, which will not be able to be linked by others for E.g. MP4, JPG, and PNG, etc.
  • Allow direct Request – This will allow the user to access your files directory by providing the full URL of your file. For example, when a visitor will enter the full URL of a PDF file, the file can be viewed in a browser. It is recommended that you select the checkbox.
  • Redirect the request to the following URL – If a website tries to link to a file directly from your website, the system will redirect that URL to the one provided in this field.

      4. Then click Submit

      5. Scroll up a bit and hit Enable.


To Disable 


       1.   On the hotlink protection page, click Disable.

       2. A confirmation page will be displayed. 


You have now protected your images from being Hotlinked just be sure that all of your additional domains are on the Hotlink list.

April 18, 2021
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