2 methods about How to install abantecart easily

What is Abantecart 

Abantecart is one of the eCommerce store builders. Abantecart fit to various online business. It provides growth and flexibility to eCommerce businesses. It is open-source software anyone can use for their eCommerce business. Using Abantecart you can customize your store. Here is how to install Abantecart using a softaculous app installer and manual installation. 

Uses of Abantecart

  • Retailers
  • Ecommerce 
  • Small business owners

System requirements to install abantecart

  • PHP
    • 1.3.0 requires PHP 7.4+
    • 1.2.16 requires PHP 5.6+
  • Database
    • MySQL 5.7+
  • Webserver
    • Apache

Features of abantecart

  • Seo friendly eCommerce
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and secure
  • Mobile friendly

How to Install abantecart 

For the installation of abantecart, there are 2 methods to install on your hosting 

  • Install abantecart using softaculous app installer
  • Install abantecart manually

Install abantecart using softaculous app installer

For installation of abantecart using a softaculous app installer, you have to follow some steps the steps are a follows

Step1: login to your hostrik hosting account and in Cpanel and go to the software section, and click on softaculous app installer.

softaculous app installer

Step2: in the softaculous app installer search box type abantecart and press enter, the installation window of abantecart will open, click the install button.

install abantecart using softaculous app installer

Step3: In the next window, you will see the installation window and it will ask you to fill in some information about your site.

Step4: in software, set up selects the protocol of your site and domain off sit after that select the directory of your site.

software setup to install abantecart

Step5: in-store setting give the admin folder name.

site settings of abantecart

Step6: in the admin account set, give your admin account’s username and password and give the email id for your admin account.

admin account setting of abantecart

Step7: After that in the advanced section create the database for your store by giving your name to the database. Also, select the backup for your database, and click install.

install abantecart

Install abantecart manually

For manual installation of abantecart, you have to follow the following steps the steps are divided into 3 parts 

  • File configuration 
  • Database creation
  • Configuration of abantecart

File configuration 

Step1: go to abantecart official website and download the latest version of the software from the download section.

download abantecart

Step2: extract that file, and log in to your hostrik Cpanel account, in that go to the file section click on file manager.

Step3: in the public_html folder upload the file that you extracted where you are going to install the abantecart.

Database creation

Step1: in database creation go to the database section of your Cpanel account and in that click on MySQLDatabase,

Step2: After opening a new window that creates the new database by giving the name of the database and click on create database.

create new database

Step3: After creating the database, you have to dd user to that database in add user section, give the user’s username and password, and click on create a user.

create user to database

Step4: when you create a user you have to give privileges to that user, click on all privileges to all privileges to that user.

database privileges

Configuration of abantecart

Step1: go to the URL you are going to install abantecart, you will see the license agreement of abantecart.

license agreement of abantecart

Step2: in the next step abantecart checks all the system requirements like PHP version MySQL database and when it checks all are the requirements are ok, then click on ok.

system check to install abantecart

Step3: in the next step, you have to configure your database created with the abantecart, give the username and password to the database, and give the name you created in the above step. Then in the admin section give the username and password for the admin account and email also.

database and administration configuration to install abantecart

Step4: in the next step you will see your installation is completed you can now customize your store by login into your backend. 

abantecart installation completed

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